Why Chisholm?

We know there are many choices.  Here are some reasons to hire us.

We have a fiduciary duty to you.

This is the most common question I receive from prospective clients. “Fiduciary,” the latest industry buzz word, has over 16,000,000 google results and still the concept is hard to understand.

Essentially, by asking if someone is a fiduciary, you are asking if they will put your interests ahead of their own.  At Chisholm, we are board Certified Financial Planners, and as such, we have a fiduciary responsibility to you.

More importantly, it is our underlying philosophy, not a government bureaucracy, that compels use to act in your best interest.  At Chisholm, our client/planner relationship is a team working together to accomplish a financial planning mission.  Together, we identify your goals, build a plan, and implement the steps necessary to achieve a financial victory.  Our success is entirely dependent on you accomplishing your goal, so our interests are naturally aligned.  We only win if our client wins.

We provide fee-based financial planning services.

Compensation in the financial planning industry is illusive, strategically complex, and downright unclear.  Generally, planners are compensated in two ways.  By selling financial products and receiving a commission; or, you pay them directly for their time, advice, and work product, much like an attorney or accountant.  We strongly encourage you to work with someone who takes a fee directly from you and provides services in the form of reports and advice.

Chisholm’s financial planning fee structure is not tied to financial products but instead focuses on the strategies and tactics you should employ to achieve financial victory; Simply, where and how you should save/spend/invest your money.

Our compensation structure is clear.

After you understand who is paying your planner (a product or you), be sure to understand the scope of services and work product you will receive in exchange for compensation.  At Chisholm we have hourly services and packages tailored to specific types of clients.  These packages clearly outline what areas of your financial plan will be covered (house purchase, college planning, etc.).  This helps us control your cost and provides a clear description of the work product you can anticipate to receive.

A note on pricing: We strongly encourage you to work with a planner within your budget, but do not pick solely on pricing.  Financial planning advice is not a commodity.  It is important you work with a well qualified individual who you like and trust.

Our underlying philosophy is the foundation of our relationship with clients.

Our belief is that individual freedom is the ultimate objective, or victory, of a life well lived and financial freedom is the central component.  We define financial freedom as the ability to be financially stable, to have enough money to save for retirement, and afford some items in life on a “want” basis, as opposed to buying things on a “need” basis.

With this as our underlying philosophy, we work with clients to structure their goals, and tactics in a way that puts them on a path towards an outcome of financial freedom.

Work with someone whose business and financial planning values and philosophy align with yours.

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We approach financial planning from a team perspective.

Our approach provides a strategic lens to evaluate our performance as a team working together to achieve your financial planning objectives.

Inspired by the warrior ethos, of “Extreme Ownership”, which requires we take extreme ownership in all things, and apply unmitigated discipline to achieve our objectives in business and in life, we employ the four laws of combat to successfully navigate our relationship with clients. These laws, developed on the battlefield, under the most stressful of circumstances, can be applied to any aspect of life requiring leadership and accomplishment of a mission.

These four laws apply to the client/planner team as follows:

1. Cover and move.  In a gun fight, the team must work together to move position and take down the target; one team member moves to a more advantageous position, the other team covers him by suppressive fire to distract or stop the enemy. We may not be in a gun fight with the enemy, but at its core, this concept describes teamwork. We work together, mutually supporting one another for the singular purpose of mission accomplishment.

2. Simple.  Financial planning has inherent layers of complexities, but it is our job as the leader of the financial planning team, to present information clearly and effectively communicate it to the client.  We build plans and implement tactics that are simple, clear, and concise so everyone on the team understands the mission and strategies.

3. Prioritize and execute.  To successfully address all financial planning challenges, we must prioritize and execute your goals.  Financial planning is dynamic, priorities can rapidly change, so part of success will require we quickly re-prioritize and adapt to any new circumstances.

4. Decentralized command.  For maximum effectiveness, both client and planner must understand the overall mission, their role on the team, and  be free to make decisions and execute the tasks necessary to accomplish the mission. The client must have clearly delineated responsibilities and ability to execute and the planner must successfully communicate not just what the client is to do, but why he is doing it.

Through this approach we build and evaluate our relationship with clients, helping them accomplish their goals efficiently and effectively.

Click here to read more about our story & what inspired our philosophy.

Financial Discipline. Freedom.

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