Financial Check-Up

Ideal for clients who want a one-time financial check-up session to confirm they are on the right track and get limited scope advice.  We cover as much as we can about your financial situation during the meeting and send you a summary of recommendations after the session. Session Price = $750 

In this affordable two-hour session we collect your information and provide you real time advice and feedback.  Following our session, we will send you a summary of our findings and recommendations.

We cover the following topics:

  • Cash flow/budgeting
  • Basic investment philosophy/strategies
  • Retirement savings targets
  • Debt pay down strategies (student loans, consumer debt)
  • First home purchase advice
  • College savings advice
  • Employee benefit advice
  • Life, disability, and long-term care gap estimates
  • Specific financial goals you have

***This session is for clients with simple financial inquiries and does not provide a comprehensive financial plan.  Detailed investment advice and specific portfolio recommendations may require more behind-the-scenes work than the standard financial check-up session allows.

***For clients with more complex needs, we offer Financial Planning Packages.

***For clients who want only a review of their investments, we offer a Portfolio Review.

***For clients looking for portfolio management, we offer full service asset management.

Financial Discipline. Freedom.

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