Fee Based Financial Planning

From a Certified Financial Planner®

CFP® Board Certified.
Will act in your best interest.

Fee based.
Unbiased objective advice.
No hidden fees or commissions.

California Bar Association member.
Industry veteran.


Services vary based on the complexity of each client’s situation.  Our structure is a fee-for-service.  You pay us only for our time and expertise.

  • We require no account or net worth minimums.
  • Fee based consultant services.
  • Packages to cover your entire planning needs.
  • Periodic services for those who need ongoing support.
  • Access to personalized online tools and platform to streamline planning & implementation.

Online Services

All our financial planning services are available remotely.  Our online process mirrors the planning services we provide in person.  We believe you should have access to high quality advice no matter where you are.

  • Flexible & convenient to fit your schedule.
  • We work with many client outside San Diego, including many active duty military.
  • Same professional advice, on an ongoing basis.


  •  A fiduciary must put your interests ahead of their own.
  • As board Certified Financial Planners, we have a fiduciary responsibility to you.
  • Our underlying philosophy in the client/planner relationship requires us to act in your best interest.

Fee based

  • Not compensated by selling you products.
  • You pay only for time and professional expertise.
  • Advice about where and how you should save/spend/invest your money.


  • Have a complete understanding of your financial goals.
  • Understand the execution needed to accomplish your financial planning objectives.
  • Personalized client dashboard to track and monitor your progress.

Ongoing support

  • Provided ongoing support and updates through webinars, blogs, and other resources.
  • Process in place to meet with clients and monitor their progress.
  • Secure client login with access to financial planning tools at anytime.


We offer a variety of financial planning options depending on the complexity of a client’s situation. Whether you are looking to build a comprehensive financial plan, engage us for a financial check up, or seek a limited inquiry with our hourly consulting arrangements, before you hire us we will always provide you with a written quote for the full cost of the engagement.


Click on the service below for our pricing.

Financial Planning

Ideal for clients who want to work with a financial planner on an ongoing basis.  Clients pay the initial fee one time which provides you with a comprehensive financial plan.


Once the initial plan is completed, we continue our services on a retainer basis.  The ongoing retainer may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, in advance.

Portfolio Review

For self-directed investors or those who want second opinions on managed accounts.


We review your accounts and determine the best strategy for your whole portfolio based on your goals. We provide an analysis for you to implement on your own.

Financial Checkup

Ideal for clients who just want a one-time financial check-up session to confirm they are on the right track.


We cover as much as we can about your financial situation during the two hour meeting and send you a summary of recommendations after the session.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

For those who want long term support from an expert, our process is designed to provide you a baseline plan which we monitor and update as your goals and life change.


Step 1. Create your plan.

Initial Consultation. 60 minutes.

We discuss your financial goals and obstacles you are facing.

Plan design. 3-6 weeks.

We build a plan based on our initial consultation, your documents, and any follow up discussions via email and telephone.

Plan presentation meeting. 90 minutes.

We walk  through the details of your plan including our recommendations and next steps.


Step 2. Implement your plan.

Client portal access.

You are provided a secure client dashboard to track your implementation in real time.

Begin completing your action items.

Your plan will include a clear list of action items to implement our recommendations.

30 day check in. 30 minutes.

We connect within a month of the plan delivery meeting to review your progress. 


Step 3. Monitor your plan.

Ongoing reviews.

We periodically review and make adjustments based on new goals and life changes.

Ongoing access to a CFP®.

We are available for emails and calls to guide you and address changes along the way.

Financial education & information.

You will receive information and educational resources designed to help you continue your financial planning success.

Financial Discipline. Freedom.

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