Fee-based financial planning

From a Certified Financial Planner®

We work together to build, implement, and monitor your comprehensive financial plan.

Ideal for clients who want to work with a financial planner on an ongoing basis.

Tailored to your needs:

  • We require no account or net worth minimums
  • Fee-based consultant services
  • Packages to cover all of your planning needs
  • Services for those who need ongoing support
  • Access your Personal Financial Website to streamline planning & implementation

Comprehensive plans include:

  • Baseline reports of your current situation
  • Recommendations of adjustments needed to accomplish your financial goals
  • Clear summary of next steps to implement your plan
  • Identify top goal(s) for ongoing monitoring
  • Ongoing access to your Personal Financial Website

Our Planning Process

Integrating our expertise and the technology of your Personal Financial Website, our three-step process of build, implement, & monitor is designed to provide you a baseline plan that is monitored and updated as your goals and life change.

Step 1. Build

We build your plan.

Step 2. Implement

We implement your plan.

Step 3. Monitor

We monitor your plan.


Creating your plan.

Initial Consultation Call

(30 minutes)

We discuss your financial goals and obstacles you may be facing.

Client Intake Meeting

(30 minutes)

We complete the financial planning agreement, provide you with your client portal access, and obtain any financial details or items still needed.

Plan design

(3-6 weeks)

We build a plan based on our initial consultation, your documents, and any follow up discussions we have.

Plan presentation meeting

(60 minutes)

We walk through the details of your plan, including our recommendations and next steps.


Implementing your plan.

Begin completing your action items

Your plan will include a clear list of action items for you to accomplish to implement our recommendations.

Personal Financial Website

If not already done during the build process, we complete the on-boarding process of your Personal Financial Website to prepare for our ongoing monitoring.

Follow-up call

(15-30 minutes)

Within a week of your plan presentation, we follow up with you and see what additional questions or clarifications you may need.

30-day check in

(30 minutes)

We connect within a month of the plan delivery meeting to review your progress.


We begin monitoring your plan.

Ongoing engagement

Using your Personal Financial Website, we will track the progress of your top goals and net worth.

Periodic reviews

We periodically review and make adjustments based on new goals and life changes.

Continued access to a Certified Financial Planner®

We are always available to guide you and address changes along the way.

Chisholm Dispatch & Other Resources

You will receive our monthly Chisholm Dispatch along with other information and educational resources tailored to help you continue your financial planning success.

Not what you're looking for?

Here is the complete list of our services.

Financial Planning

Work with a financial planner on an ongoing basis.

Portfolio Review

We provide you a second opinion on established or managed investment accounts.

Financial Check-Up

Use this one-time financial session to find out where you stand with your finances.

Investment Management

We manage your investment portfolio based on your goals and risk profile.

Budget Management

Get your finances on track by creating & implementing a budget.

Divorce Financial Planning

Guidance on the financial aspects of any stage of marital or post-marital planning.

Financial Discipline. Freedom.

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