Divorce Financial Planning


We work with clients in any stage of marital or post marital planning

  • any area related to the financial division of assets & separation or divorce.
  • assistance with financial filings & disclosures
  • flexible & tailored for each client depending on their situation


Due to the nature of divorce, our divorce financial planning is done on an hourly consulting basis.


We will provide you an estimate of scope following an initial consultation.


Please contact us for more information or questions on our pricing.

What does a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst do?

  • Calculate and evaluate the sometimes complex financial transactions involved in your divorce.
  • Help you understand the financial issues surrounding your divorce.
  • Provide ongoing support and services through the divorce process to move you forward to a successful financial outcome.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial planning

  • Discuss you and your future/current spouse’s separate property assets.
  • Build a plan for the characterization (community or separate property) of the future assets, income, and debt moving forward.

Divorce planning

  •  Settlement offer evaluation or preparation.
  • Expert review of mediation & litigation filings & financial negotiations.
  •  Financial disclosure preparation assistance.

Post divorce planning

  •  Guide you through the transactions of dividing your assets.
  • Address financial planning needs once your divorce is complete.

Thinking about or in the middle of a divorce?

Understand your financial options and their impact on your post divorce future.

Common Service Areas

  • Spousal support calculations
  • Child support calculations
  • Tracing income and assets
  • Needs analysis for support
  • Retirement & pension plan division
  • Mediation support
  • Settlement scenarios
  • Employee  benefits & deferred compensation division
  • Cash flow projections
  • Real estate division
  • Preparation of legal disclosures
  • Preparation of financial exhibits
  • Stock option/compensation division
  • Community/separate property tracing
  • Future needs analysis

Why Chisholm?

Learn more about our philosophy and approach when working with clients.

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Our belief is that financial freedom is the ultimate objective.

We approach financial planning from a team perspective.

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