Budget Management

Understanding your cash-flow is the foundation of a successful financial plan.

Building a budget?

Watch our short video designed to help you budget successfully!

Jenny Erdmann, owner of Chisholm Financial Planning, walks you through How to Build a Budget in 10 steps (and 5 minutes).

We help you get your finances on track

  • Using your current income and lifestyle we build a budget
  • Once built, we help you stay on track using our ongoing monitoring services


  • Understand your cash flow
  • Pay off debt
  • Save for a house
  • Build an emergency savings
  • Save for college
  • Save for retirement
  • Buy a car
  • Travel
  • Start a business
  • Organize your spending

Process & Pricing

Initial Setup

Create initial budget & set up tracking.

During the initial setup phase we:

  • Set up your Personal Financial Website–a high-level budgeting tool we use to track and monitor your spending.
  • Connect over a 30-minute video conference to
    1. Identify & prioritize your financial goals
    2. Evaluate your current spending
    3. Create your spending plan

Monthly tracking

We monitor your spending.

Our monthly service includes:

  • Each month we connect over a 20-minute phone and screen-share call to evaluate your spending.
  • We make any adjustments based on how things are progressing.
  • We revisit your budget goals as needed.

*note: This service is for clients with financial inquiries limited to cash flow and budget needs and does not provide a comprehensive financial plan.

Not what you're looking for?

Here is the complete list of our services.

Financial Planning

Work with a financial planner on an ongoing basis.

Portfolio Review

We provide you a second opinion on established or managed investment accounts.

Financial Check-Up

Use this one-time financial session to find out where you stand with your finances.

Investment Management

We manage your investment portfolio based on your goals and risk profile.

Budget Management

Get your finances on track by creating & implementing a budget.

Divorce Financial Planning

Guidance on the financial aspects of any stage of marital or post-marital planning.

Financial Discipline. Freedom.

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