Investment Management

Full service investment and account management services.  We determine the best strategy based on your entire portfolio, timeline, risk tolerance, and financial goals.


We provide an investment recommendation and work with you to implement and monitor your investment.

Portfolio Review

If you already have an investment advisor, or you are self-directed, but just looking for a second opinion, we offer a portfolio review service.  Click here for more information.

Services Include

  • time horizon & risk tolerance analysis
  • account establishment
  • contribution & distribution planning and transactions
  • asset allocation/diversification
  • non qualified transaction tax analysis
  • tax-managed investments (as needed)
Assets Pricing** Annual Meetings Additional Financial Planning Services***
<$250k* 1% + $100 monthly 1 0
$250k-$750k 1% 2 1 hour per quarter/4 hours per year
$750k-$1.5M 0.90% 4 1 hour per month
$1.5M+ 0.80% 4 initial plan creation & 1 hour monthly

* accounts less than $250,000 taken on a case-by-case basis

**Pricing listed are advisor management fees, and do not include fund expenses

***hours of financial planning services included, additional financial planning services charged at an hourly rate

***These services are for clients with solely portfolio management needs and does not provide comprehensive financial planning services.

***For clients with financial planning needs in addition to investment advice, we offer Financial Planning Packages.

***For clients with less complex needs but still have some financial planning related questions, we offer the Financial Planning Check Up.

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